Date: Aug 22, 2011
     Title: MRDA Fall Training Series

The 2011 Missouri Rental Dealers Association (MRDA) seminar on legal issues in RTO is set for September 20 and 21 and is free to all MRDA members.

The seminars to be conducted by APRO Legal Counsel Ed Winn III on general RTO Legal Topics and collections are set for Sept. 20 at the Holiday Inn North I-44 in Springfield, Missouri and Sept. 21 at the Holiday Inn South County Center in St. Louis.

 Sleeping Room Reservation Deadline: 30 Days before meeting.

 Download full registration information and brochure here or call  573/442-2963 or 573/489-0622 (cell) for more information.

Speaker and Topic:

Ed Winn, III is a partner at the law firm of Martinec, Winn, Vickers and McElroy in Austin, Texas. He has been general counsel for 30 years for APRO, the national trade association for the rent to own industry.  He specializes in consumer protection issues and the RTO industry in particular.   

First Session:    General RTO Legal Update

Rental dealers generally are focused on the day-to-day operations than on the legal environment of the RTO industry.  The RTO industry remains a legally challenged entity on many fronts.  Mr. Winn will include a general RTO legal update focusing on recent developments within the industry as well a discussion of state and federal roundup of issues and strategies for helping to defend against those attacking the RTO business.

 Second Session:     Collections

Mr. Winn will discuss the laws of collections as they apply to Missouri rental dealers.  He will explain state and federal statutes that regulate rental dealers' attempts to recover property from rental customers, including local "locksmith" ordinances.  He will highlight instances of collection efforts gone wrong and what they have cost rental companies.  He will outline how rental companies can proceed both civilly and criminally against rental customers who refuse to return rental merchandise.  As always, he will take questions from the audience about current collection issues that may exist among attendees.