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      Date: Jun 30, 2014
     Title: MRDA 2014 Tradeshow Recap
APRO Presidential Lineage unites at Heartland: Current President Gary Ferriman, Immediate Past President David P. David, Past President Tiger John Cleek (2008-2009) and Gary Romine (2002-03) at the Lodge of the Four Seasons at Heartland 2014. (Click photo for complete gallery)

Morning Golf and Fishing Events bled into a lively afternoon trade show at Lake Ozark, Missouri where the 10th annual MRDA Heartand of America Trade Show and Seminar cranked into high gear with an energized trade show followed by an awards banquet for golf and bass tournaments.

But the evening was highlighed with the presence of four living APRO Presidents representing the APRO past and present including Missouri State Sen. Gary Romine (2002-03) who gave a rousing testimony to the power of the individual to make changes. The Sen. has been busy too, passing and amazing amount of legislation. At least a dozen bills passed he helped guide to passage and he did so by building common sense coalitions. He received a standing ovation. His speech enlivened the crowd and Romine received a standing ovation. His talk cascaded into a talk following by APRO Executive Director and 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Bill Keese, regarding the industry's pluck and "can do" attitude when challenging the IRS.

MRDA President John Cleek Interview, click below


Current President Gary Ferriman, elected APRO President by the board last month at conference, addressed the "crossroads" he felt APRO had come to and sought, by taking the helm as president, to help guide the ship to safety. Ferriman, owner of Showplace Rent to Own in Ohio, arrived via plane, hitching a ride with David P. David (2012-2014) and landing in a nearby air field.  Tiger Cleek (2008-2009) guided the fishing tournament, but caught no fish while fishing with Jr., and hence received no award, was happy to insert himself for absent golf tourney team winners for subsequnt photos. "It's changed a lot since I was last here," said Mikel(pronounced Michael) Bohannon a manger for National TV Sales and Rental in Noel, Missouri who has not been to an MRDA show since 1996. "Back then it was just Missouri, we didn't even realize how many of us there are. When I registered this year I saw a link that said download brochure. We sure didn't have brochures in 1996." Although the show has been called the "Heartland of America" show for a decade, it has existed for at least 27 years in some form or fashion. Or simply the MRDSA "meedting." David Moore, a store manager for Rental City in Independence, Missouri, who is new to the industry and a first time Heartlander, said getting the opportunity to talk to vendors face to face was invaluable. "It's like, to talk to someone on the same level, with vendors that treat you like friends," Moore said. "And meeting other dealers from other companies to see how they do it, oh yeah, I'll be back."  View/Download Full Quality Photos of Golfing/Fishing Tourneys, Trade Show Awards Banquet Here.

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