Categories: General
      Date: May 28, 2015
     Title: Honoring the Rent-to-Own Industry's Finest


2015 Award Recipients

Larry Carrico, Lifetime Achievement Award

John Cleek Jr., Rental Dealer of the Year

Lyn Leach, Presidents Award

2015 Lifetime Achievement 
Award winner Larry Carrico.

2015 Rental Dealer of the 
Year John Cleek Jr.

2015 President's Award of 
Excellence winner 
Lyn Leach

Sharon Tomaszewski, Heritage Award

Al Benson, Vendor of the Year

Terry Beville, Steve Kruse Award of Honor

2015 Heritage Award 
winner Sharon Tomaszewski.

2015 Vendor of the Year 
winner Al Benson.

2015 Steve Kruse Award of 
Honor winner Terry Beville

The APRO "Buddy" Awards are presented every year to those outstanding individuals and organizations that have raised the level of what can be done to better the industry for everyone. The "Buddys" are named in honor of APRO's founder and first president Bud Holladay.

The recipients are named at the annual APRO Awards Banquet held during the association's National Conference and Trade Show.

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Ernie Talley Lifetime Achievement Award

President's Award of Excellence

Rental Dealer of the Year

Heritage Award

Norm Smith Vendor of the Year

Steve Kruse Award of Honor

State Association of the Year

Most-Improved State Association

Emerging Excellence

State Legislative Achievement

Innovative Excellence Award

State Association Continued Excellence

APRO Board Presidents

Rental-Purchase Employee of the Year

Rental-Purchase Customer(s) of the Year